Clean Technologies and Drone Services

About Ozone Tech

Established in Singapore on 11 March 2009, Ozone Tech specializes in the field of Environmental Engineering Services for air, water, wastewater, agri-food, gas liquid mixing technology and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) using a combination of Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, UV, Carbon and Ultrasound.  Drone Services for piloting, construction project monitoring, 2D & 3D Mapping, inspection, Aerial photography/ videography for commercial & industrial applications from 1 Jan 2022.

Ozone Tech designs, engineers, and manufactures Ozone Generators in Singapore. The generators are offered only as a system to meet the end user requirements. We are not equipment suppliers supplying ozone generators.

We offer industrial Ozone systems on a consulting and turnkey basis. The systems and solutions include for oxidation and disinfection for Aquaculture, Fruit and Vegetable washing & storage, Office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, etc for improved Indoor Air Quality & Energy savings in HVAC systems, Drinking water treatment, Waste water treatment, Rest room sanitation, hand wash system, swimming pool water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, air washer/ scrubber water treatment, odour control, commercial kitchen exhaust treatment among other applications.

Micro Bubble Gas Liquid Mixing System

The gas- liquid mixing technology producing micro bubbles of the gas in the liquid phase finds applications in mass transfer of the gas to the liquid phase i.e., Activated sludge Process, fish, shrimp and prawn farming, life support system in aquariums, oily waste water treatment, solids- liquid separation by floatation etc. In the Agricultural sector the micro bubble system is used to increase the yield of fresh produces by soil aeration by sub surface drip irrigation.

Applications include for pre-treatment of membrane systems to reduce membrane fouling.

We continually improve the systems through technology innovation for various Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural applications to meet end user requirements.

Pilot skids are custom built for Industry, Universities, Polytechnics and for R&D activities.

Ozone Tech offers Drone services for Piloting, Aerial photography/ videography including aerial 2D & 3D mapping, modelling, Construction Project monitoring, surveillance, and inspection. Ozone Tech has an Operator Permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) with CAAS certified UAPL (Unmanned Aerial Pilot Licence) holder.