Ozone Systems

We offer a complete range of ozone systems for Air, Water, waste water and Agro food applications. The system offered come complete with air preparation system, oxygen generators, ozone generators, gas liquid mixing system, instrumentation & control for automation of the complete ozone plant.

All our ozone generators are manufactured locally in Singapore.

  • Air Applications
  • Water & Waste Water Applications
  • Agro- Food Applications

Air Applications

1.Odour & fire control in commercial kitchen ventilation system.

2.Odour & fungal control in locker rooms. 

3.Odour control in garbage rooms; pumping stations and other industrial odour control.

4. Improve Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioned buildings.



Water & Waste Water Applications

1. Waste water treatment

2. Cooling Tower Water Treatment

3. Swimming Pool, Spa, recreational and re-circulating water treatment

4. Life Support system for aquariums

5. For Aquaculture, fish, shrimp & Prawn farming

6. Public Rest room hygiene and odour control

7. Hand Feet and Mouth disease control and for hand washing applications.

8. Advanced Oxidation Systems.

9. Microbubble Systems.


Agro- Food Applications

1. For disinfection of fresh produce in cold water.

2. In cold storage for extension of shelf life of fresh produces, meat & fish.

3. Micro-biological control in meat processing rooms.

4. To extend shelf life of flowers and ethylene control.

5. Vector control in rice and other grain storage facilities.